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Abbey Church Notices - 20 May 2012

Sunday 20th May 2012
Sunday after Ascension
Services at 9.30am and 11.00am

Call to worship
* Introit: The Lord ascended up on high – Michael Praetorius
Intimations and Preamble
HYMN 445 Alleluia, sing to Jesus!
* Young Church
* HYMN SYC 12 He’s got the whole wide world in His Hands
Prayers of adoration and confession
Lesson: Acts of the Apostles 1.1-11 p.114
* ANTHEM ‘God is gone up’ – Arthur Hutchings
Lesson: St.Luke 24. 44-53 p.87
HYMN 439 Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious!
Sermon: ‘You are witnesses’
Text: Acts 1.8b.
HYMN 645 I’m not ashamed to own my Lord
(Paraphrase 54)
Offering and dedication * Psalm 47 –O clap your hands together, all ye
people; sing unto God with the voice of melody. Music by William Crotch
Prayers of thanksgiving and intercession
Lord’s Prayer
HYMN 438 The Head that once was crowned with thorns
Benediction and Choral Amen

* 11.00am service only
Lessons are being read today by Ian Mollison
* Talk to Young Church is given by Fergus Duncan


Welcome to you if you are visiting with us today. We are glad to have you here and hope that you enjoy the service. Please take our greetings back to your own congregation.

There is retiring offering being taken today for the work of Christian Aid,. There will be a collection box ion the Rood Screen for the benefit of anyone who has not yet had the opportunity of donating to the Church’s recognised overseas charity.

The Church Membership Group meets in the Vestry at the close of the 11.00am service this morning. Participants are asked to bring a Bible with them to the meeting. One can be ‘borrowed’ from the end of the pew.

The Heart and Soul Event is in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh this afternoon from 1pm until 6pm and it is hoped that as many as possible will pay a visit.

In your prayers today, please remember Kirsty Milton and Thomas Spellman who will be married in the Church today at 2pm and also Melanie Wright and Richard Balland who will be married on Saturday at 2.00pm.

Please also remember in your prayers The Church of Scotland General Assembly which is meeting in the Assembly Hall in Edinburgh until Friday.

Next Sunday: The Day of Pentecost
9.30am First Morning Service
10.15am Coffee Hour in the Church Hall
11am Second Morning Service
Crèche, Sunday School and Youth Group
The Rev. Robert Watt and The Rev. Iain Paton
12 noon Membership Class

Please remember that next Sunday will be a Food Share Sunday,
The trolley will be out again and you are asked to help fill it up!
Please note that information leaflets regarding this appeal can be found on the Rood Screen.

This coming Friday, Brian Taylor’s Big Debate on BBC Radio Scotland comes from the Carnegie Birthplace Museum. You are welcome to attend and be in the audience and to submit a question on any topical issue.
The guests for the day are Murdo Fraser (Conservative MSP),
Annabelle Ewing (SNP MSP) and Campbell Gunn (Political Editor of The Sunday Post). Doors are open from 11.30am and the programme is Broadcast from 12.00 and 13.00. Anyone who would like tickets can apply to or there’s a booking form at

“How can an operational soldier serving in Afghanistan remain a practising Christian?” Andrew McLellan has ten tickets (free) to hear the Chaplain General of the Army speak on this in Edinburgh on 16th August at 11.00am. Please phone him on 01383-725959 if you would like to be there.
Two tickets remain to be uplifted for the Big Jubilee Lunch on Sunday 3rd June. Please see Liz Wilson who has these to hand on.(tel: 723859)

Please send any notices for next Sunday by 5pm on Thursday
to Mr Paton at 01333-320765 or email
Please also let him know of any pastoral concerns including anyone in or out of hospital. Your help with this will be appreciated.

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