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The Abbey Bells

Dunfermline Abbey`s Carillon has twenty five bells which are housed in the North West of the Old Nave. It operated by playing a small piano-type keyboard situated near the organ console in the Church.

The Carillion is played prior to both services on Sunday mornings and occasionally for weddings and other suitable occasions.
In 1938 the first ten bells, known as a CHIME of BELLS, were installed in Dunfermline Abbey as a result of celebrations to mark the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Andrew Carnegie in 1935.

Over the years the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust have been great benefactors and have funded the addition of bells as follows:-

2 bells in 1947 in memory of Mrs Louise Carnegie 2 bells in 1953 to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

1 bell in 1972 on the 900th Anniversary of the foundation of Dunfermline Abbey
10 bells installed in 1984 and dedicated in 1985 to mark the 150th Anniversary of Andrew Carnegie`s birth.

A Carillon has between twenty three and forty eight bells. Therefore in 1984 the Chime of Bells in Dunfermline Abbey gained the status of CARILLON when the total number of bells rose to twenty five.
It would be a dream to have the maximum of forty eight bells but being realistic as few as four new bells would considerably increase the available repertoire.

Operation of the Bells
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