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Sunday School - September 2005

The weeks just seem to fly in Sunday School when we return after the Easter break. All too soon we are preparing for the closing family service and another year has gone.

This year after Easter we focussed on friendship, sharing with the children what friendship means to us as adults and Christians and finding out from the children what it means for them. We had stories and craft work as we explored the theme and the input from the children was very interesting and challenging.

Jesus is our friend, He is there for us in times of trouble, and He is there when things are going well. We talked of how your best friend likes you no matter what you are, or what you do. A good friend is there for you at all times. Jesus is like that, He loves us for who we are and is our friend, but His love for us is unconditional. He loves us no matter what!

This was a challenge for the children as exploring friendship highlights that there are many fall outs along the way, with your friends. Often for petty, silly reasons. With Jesus there are no fall outs, but a caring love that is there through thick and thin.

The children were able to say when they had been a good friend to someone, and when someone had been a good pal to them. This led us on to talk of the friendship we have with the Love Russia Charity and how as a church we hold on to that friendship even although the distance between us is enormous. We saw that there are many types of friendship but the one that will go on forever is that which we have with Jesus.

There are many symbols around today which give out a clear message. This year there have been more and more organisations who have raised awareness to their plight by wearing a special coloured wristband. We wanted to convey the friendship message to the children and a gift was made to each child of a friendship bracelet. It was explained that when we wear this bracelet we are saying to the world that ‘Jesus is a friend of mine’ and ‘I am a friend of Jesus’.

The picnic this year was a mixed affair in terms of the weather but again we managed to get to the gardens to run the races and that burst of fresh air just got rid of all that pent up energy which children seem to have. Although the weather was not on our side, the day was fun filled and laughter filled. We had potted sports (our own version) our picnic bags and of course all the side shows of games and face painting.

The children all went home very tired but very happy that we had such fun. It is so good to be part of an all age group just out for good fun. We certainly have that in our Sunday School. Our thanks to the Carnegie Trust staff for allowing us the use of the beautiful gardens.

The closing service is always a mixture of sad and happy. Happy that so many children are involved in our young church. Sad at losing the children from the top class who are taking a big step in their move to High School and of course to Bible Class. There were 7 children leaving Sunday School this session and it is hoped that all seven of them will give the Bible Class a try.

The closing service was our annual prize giving and once again we managed to get a wonderful selection of topical Christian books from Faith Mission. It is wonderful to see that skilled Christian authors can take the stories and the Christian message and incorporate that in to a modern day setting which the children know of and understand.

As always children of Primary 7 who are about to leave Sunday School are invited to take part in the Mary Hutcheson Memorial prize. There was a good number of entries this year and the worthy winner was Catrina Ball. I do not envy the judges task of choosing a winner as all entries were well researched and illustrated. A big thank you to the children who did participate for the work and the effort that they put in to the task. The winning entry will be printed in this issue of the Arrow.

Our next session commences on Sunday 4th September, children to be in church for the start of the 11am service.

I would take this opportunity to invite any child from age 3 – 12 to come and join us on a Sunday. It is good fun, you will make new friends and more importantly will find out how to be a friend of Jesus.

Liz Wilson

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